Notice of Late Summer Assessment, 2022 萨里课程补考安排





按照萨里大学要求,补考将采用与首次考试相同的考核形式和方法。因此,补考MAN1072,MAN1094,MAN2105,MAN2107四门期末考试的同学,需遵循线上监考并录屏的方式,完成考试。视频监考采用腾讯会议,会议号625-2555-3431。有关视频监考的详细流程,可查看附件3。OBS Studio录屏软件的使用方法,可查看附件4。同学也可自选熟悉的其他录屏软件,并确保能够录到电脑全屏及声音。










Dear Students,


Surrey Modules Late Summer Assessment (LSA) this year starts from August 5th, 2022. For the detail schedule, please check attachment 1. The students name list is in attachment 2.


According to the UoS requirement, students taking resit (A1 or A2) in the LSA should undertake the assessment in the original format. Therefore, students who resit the final exams of MAN1072, MAN1094, MAN2105 and MAN2107 should join the Tencent Meeting to get invigilated. The Tencent Meeting Link is 625-2555-3431. The main invigilation methods include students take the online exam while join in a video conference, and students record computer screen contents. For the detail procedure, please check Attachment 3. Students can select any screen recording software, as long as it can record the full computer screen and sounds. Attachment 4 is an introduction on how to use OBS Studio software to record screen.

Students who resit the above four modules final exams should upload the screen recording file to Baidu Net Disc, and name the file as “Name - Module Name”. Then send the file link to within 24 hours after the exam. Please make the email subject as “Name – Resit Exam Screen Recording”.



Registry Office

August 3rd, 2022

1. Later Summer Assessment Arrangement, AY2122.xlsx

2. Resit Student Namelist.xlsx

3. CN - MAN1072,1094,2105,2107 Resit Final Exam Procedure.doc

3. EN - MAN1072,1094,2105,2107 Resit Final Exam Procedure.doc

4. CN - How to Use OBS Studio to Record Screen.docx

4. EN - How to Use OBS Studio to Record Screen.docx