Additional Notice of MAN2105, MAN2106, MAN2107 Final Exams


经过首次模拟测试,萨里大学对MAN2105, MAN2106, MAN2107课程的期末考试流程做了进一步优化。为使同学们充分熟悉考试环境和环节,将设备调试到最佳状态,学院将安排第二次模拟测试。现就有关事项通知如下。












1. 参加考试时,除与考试要求相关的软件,请退出其他非必要程序,以减轻电脑运行压力。

2. 请同学尽量将自己扬声器音量调小,听清监考老师口令即可。

3. 本通知与学院网站此前发布的Updated Notice for MAN2105, MAN2106, MAN2107 Final Exams ( Final Exam Arrangement for MAN2105, MAN2106, MAN2107, MAN2110 ( 共同构成对上述课程考试方式的解释和要求,若有与此前通知相抵触的规定,请以本通知为准。



Dear Students,


After the first Mock Test, University of Surrey modified some procedures of MAN2105, MAN2106, MAN2107 final exams. In order to help students fully understand the exam process and test the devices, another Mock Test will be organized. The details are as followed.


1. Tencent Meeting Groups

UoS divided students into 14 groups. Attached please find the group name list and find your Tencent Meeting number. Please join in the new group for the second Mock Test and the three modules final exams. For the students who are in the same group, please keep certain distance when taking exam, in order to reduce the echoes.


2. Update Your Tencent Meeting Software

Invigilator will use the Tencent Meeting Sign-in function to ask students to sign in, after the ID card showing step. This function is only offered in the latest edition of Tencent Meeting. Pease upgrade your software before the exam.


3. Second Mock Test

The second Mock Test will take place at 15:40—16:10, May 9th. Students who want to or need to take the Mock Test can join in.


4. Others

a. Please only run exam-related programs during the exam, and close other programs to reduce system load.

b. Please turn down the system volume as much as possible, as long as you could hear the invigilation requirements.

c. This Additional Notice and the former notices uploaded on SII website, Updated Notice for MAN2105, MAN2106, MAN2107 Final Exams ( and Final Exam Arrangement for MAN2105, MAN2106, MAN2107, MAN2110 ( , are all the requirements and explanations to the three modules final exams. Any requirement in this Additional Notice conflicts with the former two notices, please follow this Additional Notice.


附件:Tencent Meeting Group Name List.xls