International Business Strategy


课程名称International Business Strategy
课程性质专业限选课                                  学分数3
总学时:54             讲授学时:54                  实验学时:0
课程主要内容The module provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of how business strategy can be formulated in the light of environmental and internal conditions with a particular emphasis on the international context of strategy making. The module equips students with a framework for understanding international business strategy as an interdisciplinary activity within the context of international and competitive markets, leading to corporate decision-making.This module aims to: Enable students to understand theoretical approaches to the formulation, selection, implementation, and control of an international business strategy;Enable students to develop understanding of how to apply theoretical concepts of international business strategy to real business contexts; Enable students to critically understand the methods, difficulties and limitations of formulating, implementing and controlling an international business strategy; Enable students to appreciate the importance and contribution of business strategy to organisational success.